Vendor Compliance Audits

Environmental Solutions provides on-site compliance auditing services to the organizations throughout North America. Following ISO 19011:2011 with application of the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 guidelines for auditing and compliance our auditors utilize industry knowledge and your compliance requirements to build an Audit Plan. Utilizing a combination of interview, document review, record review and field observation Environmental Solutions staff perform Face-to-Face audits. Second Party Auditing procedures are part of a comprehensive Quality Management System, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, and risk management operations for the organization.

  • Second party independent auditors assess the EHS & Risk Management performance to your determined standards following industry best practices.
  • Organizational standards for audit are based upon contract requirements and industry best practices.
  • Audits follow standardized ISO 19011:2011 formats for evaluation of management systems.
  • Expertise in Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Environmental waste management, and risk management are brought to bear on the auditing process.
  • Field observations are provided and scored to evaluate behavior and compliance real world.
  • Document verification is performed to your established standards.

ESH Program Evaluation and Auditing

Environmental Solutions audit team utilizes industry specific criteria to help our customers evaluate EHS programs. A second party internal audit of EHS programs, EHS compliance, EHS Management systems, Risk management systems, and risk control is a bench marking process for a business. Environmental Solutions has packaged services in compliance pre-audit to support organizational efforts to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies, industry best practices, Insurance Carrier loss control, and contract compliance. Environmental Solutions auditors will coordinate with your management team to schedule, construct, and perform a comprehensive compliance evaluation of your business at your location. By utilizing your business goals, customer needs, policies/procedures and regulatory standards; as a team we critically evaluate compliance within your organization. We then continue as part of the solution by providing resource management, on-site support, and internal staff development.

  • Complete Confidentiality protecting your business model and your compliance status.
  • Reduce potential for failing the Vendor Audit and facing a short timeline for corrective actions.
  • Identify gaps, deficiencies, and risk opportunities for internal corrective actions.
  • Organize documents, records, training, observations, and policy prior to evaluation by Customer.
  • Maximize the internal staff and available resources to assist in maintaining compliance
  • Identify methods and industry bench marks for optimizing business opportunities
  • Utilize risk management strategies in the avoidance, control, or transfer of risk prior to audit.

Project/Site Safety Support/Oversight

Large projects, new locations, expanding services, business growth and numerous other influences often create a stretch of internal EHS resources. Environmental Solutions is poised with experienced professional staff members to aid you in this challenge. By providing temporary, site, or periodic oversight support of your project specific or site needs Environmental Solutions provides the extension of your staff that you need.

Environmental Solutions Certified Industrial Hygiene and Safety professional will work with your objectives, regulatory compliance, and industry best practices to help develop sound, practical, and high quality management programs for your operation.

Industrial Hygiene Services

Silica, Lead, Asbestos, Noise, ergonomics, and numerous other hazards exist throughout the North American business landscape. Your organization is required by regulation to maintain a workplace “Free of recognized hazards” for your employees. Industrial hygiene is the profession of identification, measurement, evaluation, and control of work place hazards. Environmental Solutions’ Certified Industrial Hygienist directly oversees IH projects and works with your organization to establish proper controls.

Real world measurements in accordance with regulatory requirements are performed. Independent, accredited laboratories are used for analysis, or bench mark instrumentation for “real time” measurements is used in the field to develop the control criteria, occupational exposure levels, and organizational risks.

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